Joined the Comcast privacy team to revamp The Privacy Center website. Collaborated with designers and engineers to address customer pain points and improve the web experience. Conducted research to inform the design process and ensure legal compliance and industry standards were met. Successfully launched the new web interface with the team.


Refreshed the legacy experience of The Privacy Center with new guiding principles from US regulations. Led the redesign effort in line with the company-wide rebrand, designing new purposeful web pages, remodeling patterns, and introducing responsive components for an improved user experience.


Discovery and research:
Upon research, interviews, and customer complaint data, we found three overarching pain points when interacting with the legacy Privacy Center.

1. What is the purpose of The Privacy Center?

A majority of Comcast's customers showed little to no understanding of how the company protects and collects user data. This implies that the topic is perceived as broad and complex by this group of users.

2. What can you manage at The Privacy Center?

These are the types of users who show interest and are often long-time and returning customers. Based on testing, we found that they generally want to learn more about what digital privacy means and how important it is.

3. How do I access all the information that Comcast has on me?

Based on our findings, these customers are experienced users who have a history of online hacks and bad actors from other entities. This user group specifically shows above-average concerns about online safety and digital privacy and looks for actionable steps on The Privacy Center.

Through user testing, it was concluded that customers found the legacy experience of The Privacy Center to be difficult to navigate despite the importance of the subject matter . The use of an umbrella term such as "Digital privacy and online safety" caused confusion and was overwhelming for the average customer, with little to no additional resources offered.

Redesign and new architecture:

White boarding sessions and reimagining from the views of the customer. Approaching from a holistic point of view and showing how transparency builds trust. We explored different layouts, architecture and partnered up with the product owners on how to delivery more than just a reskinned experience. Building it from the ground up.


Exploration work and low-fi wireframes

Educate, understand, take action, satisfaction.

Restructure of the navigation bar to guide new and returning users. With the new navigation, users can start to understand the core function of The Privacy Center and take actionable steps.


“Our commitment to protect your privacy”.

Reducing clutter and focusing on a more open dashboard solution. Your privacy choices, where any users or customers can start to explore different privacy products. Creating multiple entry points to manage all things Comcast privacy related.


The NEW Privacy Center


Privacy as a global component. Updated cookie policy and implemented a global web element for Created a new cookie modal that populates when any first time users or customers land on

Desktop view


Mobile view