Uniqlo is a casual wear Japanese clothing company. Introduced a reimagined website design with geometric elements based off of Japanese minimalism. Focused on a more personalized experience. Designed for web, translated into mobile.


- Redesign Uniqlo website while retaining signature motifs
- Build a personalized experience for logged in users
- Motion graphics, prototyping, UI design, Website


- Developed and new a design language across brand
- Refined customer experience for ease of use browsing


Homepage, e-commerce layout


Our goal was to revamp the customer experience by incorporating a personal touch and fostering more human interaction between users and the site. This approach was designed to create a more intuitive and memorable experience, all while establishing a stronger connection with the users.

As part of our rebranding effort, we aimed to create a more personalized customer experience. Our "Picked by us for you" system curates product recommendations based on each authenticated user's preferences and purchase history. By prioritizing how authenticated users view these recommendations, we designed a seamless and engaging experience that encourages continued exploration and discovery.

Our "Your Perfect Fit" assistant delivers personalized product recommendations based on users' saved profile information, including sizing guides and purchase history. By leveraging this data, we personalized the shopping experience for authenticated users. This feature is easily accessible to logged-in users, providing a more tailored and intuitive journey, ultimately driving loyalty and retention.


Mobile Screens